Miami-Dade 2040 LRTP - Oct. 23, 2014

Chapter Subsections Chapter Overview Roadway and Transit Projects Bicycle/Pedestrian Set-Aside Projects Congestion Management Set-Aside Projects Freight Set-Aside Projects “Finding a Balance” Chapter Overview Transportation facilities and mobility options are essential and prominent elements of a Global Hub. 21st century global economic competitiveness relies heavily on the ability to swiftly and reliably move people, goods, and ideas within a region and beyond. Miami is rightly described as the “Gateway to the Americas.” The Miami International Airport (MIA) and Port of Miami are the mega- facilities that clearly establish Miami as a bona fide international gateway for moving people and goods. The Miami-Dade transportation network also serves critical interstate, regional, and local mobility needs serving “the gateway” and many other destinations. As such, strategic investments in a wide array of highway and bridge infrastructure and public transportation are required. These critical improvements enhance travel within Miami-Dade County and improve accessibility beyond the county. A cost feasible set of prioritized transportation improvements is essential to satisfy growing travel demand and to provide reliable transportation for Miami-Dade businesses, residents and visitors. EYES ON THE FUTURE | 6-1 Multimodal Solutions