Miami-Dade 2040 LRTP - Oct. 23, 2014

4-6 | MOBILITY OPTIONS PUBLIC MEETINGS Phase I (Kick-O Meetings) Five (5) public Kick-Off Meetings were held throughout the county. Meeting surveys and comment cards were produced in English, Spanish, and Creole. Spanish and Creole-speaking translators were on-hand to assist non-English speaking participants. During the Goals and Objectives ranking exercise, participants were instructed to rank their transportation needs by spending sixteen (16) $20 bills on their priorities. Each oversized ballot box represented a goal: (1) Improve Transportation System & Travel; (2) Increase Safety for Motorized and Non- Motorized Users; (3) Increase Security of the Transportation System; (4) Support Economic Vitality; (5) Preserve the Environment & Quality of Life; (6) Enhance Connectivity in the Transportation System; (7) Optimize Sound Investment Strategies; and (8) Maximize & Preserve Existing Transportation. Reaching Millennials After the Kick-Off Meetings were held throughout the County, an additional effort was conducted to reach millennials. The PIP Team conducted the same Goals and Objectives ranking exercise on three (3) college campuses: Students and staff were instructed to spend their sixteen (16) $20 bills on their transportation priorities, similar to the exercise at the Kick-Off Meetings. More than 400 people completed the ranking exercise during this special outreach effort. This outreach exercise was conducted at Miami-Dade College’s North and Wolfson Campuses and Florida International University‘s South Campus. Collegiate participants ranked the following as their top three goals: (1) Enhance Connectivity in the Transportation System; (2) Preserve the Environment & Quality of Life; and (3) Improve Transportation System & Travel. Phase II (Needs Development Meetings) In an effort to bring transportation planning to the technological age, the public meetings offered another fun, interactive way to conduct the surveys. Attendees were given “clickers” to register their responses and view the results in real-time. This device was viewed by the public as a user-friendly approach to surveying their transportation priorities. Public facilities and neighborhood centers were “brochure” distribution sites. The Public Involvement Plan (PIP) Team identified sites in transit-dependent communities, including: Culmer Overtown Branch Library, Town Center of Cutler Bay, Florida City Community Action Agency, Frankie Rolle Neighborhood Center, Hialeah Wilde Community Center, Naranja Library, North Dade Regional Library, North Miami City Hall, North Miami Beach Public Library, North Miami Beach City Hall, Perrine Community Action Agency, Phicole Williams Center, and South Dade Regional Library. Presentations were made at the neighborhood centers monthly meetings. The PIP Team distributed meeting notices to homeowners associations, community-based groups, churches, chambers of commerce and elected officials for distribution to their constituencies. The following groups and/or elected officials offices distributed the materials: Black Affairs Advisory Board, Chamber South, Coconut Grove Collaborative, Coconut Grove Ministerial Alliance, Coconut Grove Village Council, Coconut Grove Village West Home & Tenant Association, Continental Homeowners Association, Coral Gables Estates Homeowners Association, Goulds Ministerial Alliance, Kendall Federation of Homeowners, Overtown NET Office, Richmond Heights Resource Center, Town Park Plaza South, Under-represented People Positive Action Council, and Virginia Key Bicycle Club. Partnering with Municipalities to Share Information Municipal managers were contacted and asked to place the meeting notices on their cities’ website. This approach proved most effective in reaching residents, business owners and elected officials. For example, the City of North Miami Beach posted the meeting notices on their website, announced the meeting at council hearings, and posted meeting information on the City’s marquee. Similar promotions were made by Hialeah, Town of Cutler Bay, Town of Miami Lakes, Miami Gardens and Village of Pinecrest. Public Outreach