Miami-Dade 2040 LRTP - Oct. 23, 2014

MIAMI-DADE LONG RANGE TRANSPORTATION PLAN UPDATE TO THE YEAR 2040 Chapter 4 | Staying in Touch EYES ON THE FUTURE | 4-3 Figure 4-1 | Visualization Techniques Visualization Techniques MAP-21 continues the SAFETEA-LU requirement that transportation plans employ visualization techniques to present the plan. Various visualization techniques, as identified in Figure 4-1 below, were used throughout the development process of the 2040 Plan and presented in various forums including the 2040 LRTP website, videos, public meetings, virtual meetings, and brochures. VISUALIZATION TECHNIQUES “Play”Money Maps and Ribbons Interactive exercise at Kick-O Meetings to distribute among the goals to prioritize and rank goals by an associated monetary value. Maps and Blocks Interactive exercise using di erent color ribbons to represent suggested highway and transit improvements. Polling Devices Polling devices showing instantaneous results used at public meetings and Steering Committee Meetings to display input on various aspects. Legos were displayed across 2010 and 2040 Miami-Dade maps used to represent existing and projected population and employment. Cost Feasible Plan Map, Charts, Graphs Various graphic formats used throughout the process to present information. Interactive spreadsheet used at a Steering Committee Meeting to develop the Cost Feasible Plan.