Miami-Dade 2040 LRTP - Oct. 23, 2014

3-20 | MOBILITY OPTIONS ETDM Figure 3-7 | Efficient Transportation Decision Making Manual Another important process utilized to evaluate projects is the FDOT’s Efficient Transportation Decision Making tool (ETDM), which involves an interagency review process designed to incorporate environmental considerations into both the planning (long term) and programming/development (short term) phases of the transportation improvement process as seen in Figure 3-7 . ETDM utilizes a geospatial analysis tool that enables the Environmental Technical Advisory Team (ETAT) members to interactively review proposed transportation improvements in a user friendly environment. The tool features a wealth of environmental and sociocultural data that allows a comprehensive review of projects and their potential impacts. ETDM is intended to ensure that issues are identified early so that they can be mitigated or addressed in the project; to involve agency and public stakeholders in the planning and project development process; to link the planning and project development processes; and to incorporate potential dispute resolution tools or methodologies in the planning process. A list of projects screen via the ETDM process is shown in Table 3-7. Source: Florida Department of Environmental Management O ce - ETDMManual