Miami-Dade 2040 LRTP - Oct. 23, 2014

3-16 | MOBILITY OPTIONS Performance Measurement The measurement of transportation performance takes various forms in different dimensions. One dimensional characteristic of performance measurement is observation versus forecast. The performance of improvements, measured after construction or implementation, is observed, using data collection techniques. The projected performance of future improvements must be forecasted. Another dimensional characteristic is encompassed by the scope of performance measurement, in terms of project-level versus system-level measures. From a forecasting perspective, these two levels of measures are applied differently using different tools. System-Level Measures Systemmeasures are designed to assess the performance of the County’s transportation system as a whole and can be applied to system scenarios. The four primary scenarios for which the system measures are generated include the Base Year scenario (2010), the Existing-plus-Committed scenario (2019), the Needs scenario (2040) and the Cost Feasible Plan scenario (2040), shown in Figure 3-5 . The Base Year scenario represents current system performance, which is useful as a reference point when analyzing future year performance. The reason the Base Year is 2010 and not 2014 is that the travel demandmodel utilized to generate the measures was calibrated to 2010 conditions. The Existing-plus-Committed scenario represents a minimum investment scenario, including improvements slated for construction by the year 2019. This scenario is simulated against 2040 demand, including projected population and employment growth for the Year 2040. The other two scenarios represent unconstrained improvements (Needs) and constrained improvements (Cost Feasible Plan). The Needs scenario includes all needed improvements, whether they can be afforded or not, while the Cost Feasible Plan scenario includes only improvements that can be afforded based on an estimate of revenues over the period. Figure 3-5 | System-Level Scenarios The System-Level Measures process provides a more aggregate scenario-based approach to the evaluation process Base Year 2010 Existing-plus-Committed 2019 Needs Plan 2040 Cost-Feasible Plan 2040 System-Level Scenarios