Miami-Dade 2040 LRTP - Oct. 23, 2014

G-26| MOBILITY OPTIONS Project Limits From Limits To Description Purpose and Needs Statement MDX SR-924 (Gratigny) East Extension NW 32 Ave I-95 New expressway extension of SR-924 (Gratigny) East to I-95 This project will extend the existing SR-924 (Gratigny) east to connect to I-95 thorugh an elevated structure separate from the at-grade highway system. The project will improve regional mobility in northern Miami-Dade County by providing interconnections between the County’s major highways SR-924 (Gratigny) and I-95. It will address additional capacity needs and will reduce future travel times for traffic through the area, including truck movements associated with the expansion of the Port of Miami and the MIC. The project will separate through traffic from the local traffic and will enhance local roadways functionality while preserving existing access conditions. This east extension, in combination with the western extension of SR-924 (Gratigny) to the HEFT, will create a new east-west corridor alternate to SR-836 (Dolphin) and SR-826 (Palmetto) in northern Miami-Dade County that will link I-95, SR-826 (Palmetto), I-75 and the HEFT.