Miami-Dade 2040 LRTP - Oct. 23, 2014

Appendices MIAMI-DADE LONG RANGE TRANSPORTATION PLAN UPDATE TO THE YEAR 2040 EYES ON THE FUTURE | C-9 8 noitatropsnarT fo tnemtrapeD adirolF Table 7 Transportation Alternatives Funds 1 Estimates State and Federal Funds from the 2040 Revenue Forecast (Millions of Dollars) Miami-Dade Metropolitan Area 5-Year Period (Fiscal Years) 22-Year Total 3 2019-20 1 2021-25 2026-30 2031-40 2019-2040 TALU (Urban); Funds for TMA 2 6.6 16.5 16.5 33.0 72.6 TALL (<200,000 Population) 2 ; Districtwide Funds N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A TALT (Any Area); Districtwide Funds 6.4 16.1 16.1 32.2 70.7 1 Estimate for 2014 through 2018 are contained in the FDOT Adopted Work Program. 2 “TALU” funds are for projects in Transportation Management Areas; “TALL” funds are for projects that are not in Transportation Management Areas. 3 Rows sometimes do not equal the totals due to rounding. Non-Capacity Programs Non-capacity programs refer to FDOT programs designed to support, operate and maintain the state highway system: safety, resurfacing, bridge, product support, operations and maintenance, and administration. Table 8 includes a description of each non-capacity program and the linkage to the program categories used in the Program and Resource Plan. Metropolitan estimates have not been developed for these programs. Instead, the FDOT has included sufficient funding in the 2040 Revenue Forecast to meet the following statewide objectives and policies: ˜ Resurfacing program: Ensure that 80% of state highway system pavement meets Department standards; ˜ Bridge program: Ensure that 90% of FDOT-maintained bridges meet Department standards while keeping all FDOT-maintained bridges open to the public safe; ˜ Operations and maintenance program: Achieve 100% of acceptable maintenance condition standard on the state highway system; ˜ Product Support: Reserve funds for Product Support required to construct improvements (funded with the forecast’s capacity funds) in each district and metropolitan area; and ˜ Administration: Administer the state transportation program. The Department has reserved funds in the 2040 Revenue Forecast to carry out its responsibilities and achieve its objectives for the non-capacity programs on the state highway system in each district and metropolitan area. Table 9 identifies the statewide estimates for non-capacity programs. About $106 billion (49% of total revenues) is forecast for the non-capacity programs. Table 10 contains districtwide estimates for State Highway System Operations and Maintenance expenditures for information purposes. These estimates are provided pursuant to an agreement between FDOT and the Federal Highway Administration Division Office regarding the reporting of estimates of Operations and Maintenance costs for the State Highway System at the district level in MPO long range plans.