Miami-Dade 2040 LRTP - Oct. 23, 2014

9-10 | MOBILITY OPTIONS Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) features a federal emphasis on performance measurement. Under MAP-21, U.S. DOT will establish performance measures and state DOTs will develop performance targets in consultation with MPOs and others. As shown in Figure 9-3 , these areas include (1) safety, (2) infrastructure condition, (3) congestion reduction, (4) system reliability, (5) freight movement and economic vitality, (6) environmental sustainability, and (7) reduced project delivery delays. State investments must make progress in line with these performance target areas, and MPOs must incorporate these performance measures and targets into their Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs) and Long Range Transportation Plans. However, MAP-21 imposes no financial penalty for states and MPOs that fail to make progress toward these performance goals, and funding decisions for any given project are not explicitly tied to performance criteria. This performance-based focus is consistent with 2040 Miami-Dade LRTP, which promotes the transparency of public data and decision-making and seeks to improve the accountability of public spending by better linking investments to outcomes. The Miami-Dade MPO, with its partners, has taken the leadership role to create meaningful performance measures for our region and that provide information critical to decision makers. Monitoring Performance Monitoring transportation system performance goes hand-in-hand with planning for the transportation system. Performance monitoring provides essential feedback on the effectiveness and effciency of plan investments. Performance measurement is a way to gauge the impacts of the decision-making process on the transportation system. Performance measures aim to answer questions about whether the performance of the system is getting better or worse over time; and whether transportation investments are correlated or linked to stated goals and outcomes. Figure 9-2 gives a visual depiction of how monitoring plays a role in the transportation planning process. Figure 9-2 | An Objectives-driven, Performance-based Approach to Planning Identify Objectives Apply Systematic Process to Develop and Select Strategies to Meet Objectives Long Range Transportation Plan Transportation Improvement Program and Other Funding Programs Implementation Measures Performance Annual Monitoring Report Monitoring and Evaluation Identify Goals