Miami-Dade 2040 LRTP - Oct. 23, 2014

Chapter Subsections Chapter Overview LRTP/TIP Linkage Illustrative Projects Monitoring Performance “Wheels in Motion” Chapter Overview People are drawn to Miami-Dade County from near and far. In 2010 Miami-Dade County’s population was approximately 2.5 million, making it the most populous county in Florida and the eighth-most populous in the United States. From a global standpoint, Miami-Dade County is attracting both people and goods and is anticipating this attractiveness to significantly strengthen and grow the region over the next 20+ years. This global magnetism is evidenced in various ways - Miami has the largest population of new arrivals to the US, is home of the Cargo Gateway to the Americas and is also known as the Cruise Capital of the World. The recommendations made herein are designed to meet the future transportation needs of this desirable and growing metropolitan area. These improvements will make substantial contributions to the Miami-Dade area’s economic competitiveness, livability, and attractiveness and will reinforce its status as the Epicenter of the Americas and major center of global trade and finance. The successful implementation of the LRTP will depend on strong political leadership, close collaboration among government jurisdictions and other stakeholders, broad public support, and commitments to securing sufficient funding for the recommended transportation system improvements. EYES ON THE FUTURE | 9-1 Plan Implementation Source: Miami Downtown Development Authority. Downtown Miami Epicenter of the Americas 2025 Downtown Miami Master Plan. October 2009