Miami-Dade 2040 LRTP - Oct. 23, 2014

REGION 8-6 | MOBILITY OPTIONS 8 Regional Network The 2040 Regional Corridor Network identifies corridors that support future regional travel of people and goods and provides for stronger regional planning. Statistics of these corridors are shown in Figure 8-4 and mapped in Figure 8-5 . The development of this network is a state requirement as part of the regional interlocal agreement. The foundation for the 2040 Regional Corridor Network was derived from previous regional planning efforts including the 2030 Corridors of Regional Significance and 2035 Regional Transportation Network. The 2040 Network maintains the core elements of previous efforts, while updating criteria to ensure most current industry definitions were applied and refining criteria to ensure simplicity, consistency, and predictability. Ultimately, four criteria were utilized to guide the regional corridor network development. Figure 8-4 | Regional Facility Statistics Regional Facilities De ned 1. Principal Arterials 2. Planned Physical Extensions of 3. Strategic Intermodal (SIS) Network 4. Principal Arterial Connections (Criteria utilized to guide regional network development.) Principal Arterials