Miami-Dade 2040 LRTP - Oct. 23, 2014

Chapter Overview Miami-Dade County is one of three counties in the Miami Urbanized Area, the other two are Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The Southeast Florida region is the fourth most populous urbanized area in the nation. Collectively, the region has a population of 5.5+ Million people with an expected 27% growth over the next 25-years. Many don’t realize, 12% of all trips in the urbanized area are destined to neighboring counties. In fact, statistics show that 7% of all trips made by Miami-Dade residents are destined to Broward or Palm Beach Counties. Conversely, with Miami-Dade containing a majority of the regionally sought destinations, 16% of trips in Miami- Dade originate from Broward and 1% from Palm Beach County. To compete in the national and global marketplace, an efficient and effective transportation system is essential. Regional travel is not only being monitored and accounted for at the County level, Miami- Dade has been actively engaged in regional coordination and collaboration for years and is currently managing the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan – a Plan that is complimentary to the 2040 Miami-Dade Transportation Plan, but with a higher-level focus across the three-county urbanized area. CHAPTER SUBSECTIONS Chapter Overview About the Regional Governing Board Regional Network Southeast Florida 2040 Plan Seven50 Plan “Expanding Our Horizons” Regional Coordination EYES ON THE FUTURE | 8-1