Miami-Dade 2040 LRTP - Oct. 23, 2014

6-72 | MOBILITY OPTIONS The established and expanding freight transportation system, serves as the cornerstone of the region’s economy, providing access to Florida’s largest consumption market, as well as connecting the region to the global economy through major sea and air gateways. Miami-Dade County is home to a multi-cultural community with an economy dominated by tourism, international trade, agriculture and mining, and natural resources. Miami-Dade County has an extensive freight system encompassing all major modes of transportation. These modes work to complement one another to ensure a smooth flow of goods throughout the county, the region, the state, and the country. The freight infrastructure is undergoing significant improvements and expansion to position the region for future growth. The 2014 Miami-Dade Freight Plan Update identified a prioritized list of freight needs for Miami-Dade County that was developed using stakeholder interviews, review of past plans, consultation with the FDOT Work Program, and identification of hot spots/bottlenecks based on a combination of screening and field review. The highway infrastructure needs identified in the 2014 Miami-Dade Freight Plan Update to improve freight movement are included in the 2040 Plan. The identified freight infrastructure needs were grouped into two categories: (1) projects that will improve both freight and passenger vehicle movements and (2) projects that will primarily improve freight movement (Freight Only Projects). The projects that will improve both freight and passenger vehicle movements are incorporated into Priorities I-IV and unfunded projects. As part of this Freight Plan Update, numerous highway infrastructure needs were identified throughout the county. While all identified projects will have an impact on freight movements, some also improve passenger movements. For instance, the PortMiami Tunnel, while giving trucks direct access to the interstate system, also improves traffic conditions in Downtown Miami as well as ease of access for cruise passengers traveling to PortMiami to embark on a cruise. The Miami-Dade MPO has approved financial set-asides for projects that focus specifically on freight and freight operations. Freight Set-Aside Projects Port Miami “Cargo Gateway to the Americas”