Miami-Dade 2040 LRTP - Oct. 23, 2014

ytilicaf edRi -dna-kraP tS 97 EN dna 1-SU ediR dna-kraP reviR elttiL No Capital Cost lanimret gnitsixe evorpmI lanimreT saciremA eht fo llaM $ $2.000 Marlins Stadium Premium Transit Connection Downtown Marlins Stadium Expand Metrorail service to connect Downtown with FIU and Marlins Stadium $ $409.839 MDT Bus Acquisition Bus purchases for existing & new routes $ $20.000 margorp lawener erutcurtsarfnI margorP laweneR erutcurtsarfnI TDM $ $12.500 pool llekcirB eht ot revomorteM dnapxE llekcirB llekcirB :serusolC pooL revomorteM $ $331.000 pool inmO eht ot revomorteM dnapxE inmO inmO :serusolC pooL revomorteM $ $588.494 Metrorail/Tri-Rail Bus Hub Improvements Increase bus terminal capacitya and add mixed use TOD with ground °oor retail $ $2.600 Miami Beach Convention Center Terminal New terminal similar to Miami Downtown Terminal $ $3.900 Miami Beach Intermodal Center 63 St (Collins) 87 St/West Bay Dr New North Beach bus transfer Station $ $2.699 Miami Beach LRT Collins Extension Miami Beach Convention Center 71 St Extend light rail north to 71 St $ $400.400 Miami Lakes Terminal SR-826 (Palmetto) and NW 154 St Add new transit terminal, Kiss-and-Ride, and Park-and-Ride facility $ $2.600 Miami Streetcar (Downtown-Little Havana) SW 27 Ave Miami Ave Streetcar $ $284.587 Project Limits From Limits noitpircseD oT Total Capital Cost (2013 $) Table 6-12 | Unfunded Projects (continued) (Values in Millions $) MIC-Port Miami Rail Connection Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) Port Miami Passenger rail connection between the MIC & Port Miami, using the SFRC & FEC corridors $ $25.000 Middle Beach Circulator Dade Blvd 72 St Circulator bus $ $0.820 Midtown Light Rail (East) Miami Beach Convention Center Midtown at Biscayne Blvd/ NW 36 St Light rail $ $391.300 Midtown Light Rail (West) Allapattah Metrorail Station Midtown at Biscayne Blvd/ NW 36 St Light rail $ $154.700 Miller Dr (SW 56 St) Enhanced Bus SW 8 St (Tamiami)/ SW 147 Ave University Metrorail Station Implement limited stop enhanced bus service $ $62.010 Intersection improvements NE 125 St/NE 6 Ave/W Dixie Hwy $ $5.654 NE 163 St (Sunny Isles Blvd) / 167 St Golden Glades Interchange Sunn Isles Blvd / Collins Ave Improve/implement transit service $ $24.570 New Tri-Rail Station in Northern Miami- Dade New Tri-Rail Station in the vicinity of Ives Dairy Rd $ $20.000 North Corridor (NW 27 Ave) Metrorail Extension Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) NW 215 St Convert to full bus rapid transit to heavy rail $ $1,747.200 Northeast Corridor (Biscayne BRT) Dedicated Lanes Downtown Miami Aventura Terminal Convert to full bus rapid transit $ $369.200 NW 103 St Enhanced Bus Okeechobee Terminal US-1/ NE 79 St (Little River Park-and-Ride) Implement limited stop enhanced bus service $ $57.330 NW 199/ 203 St Enhanced Bus NW 215 St Terminal Aventura Terminal Implement limited stop enhanced bus service $ $29.640 NW 215/203 Elevated Expy Turnpike (Mainline) Lehman Causeway New elevated East/West exressway construction $ $858.274 NW 21 St/ NW 32 Ave NW 37 Ave NW 28 St Construct high level bridge $ $62.771 ecivres sub decnahne pots detimil tnemelpmI 1-SUnoitatS liarorteM eebohceekO suB decnahnE tS 26 WN $ $30.030 Next Generation of Tra˜c Controllers $ $65.000 Miami Streetcar (Downtown-Midtown) NE 36 St Flagler St Streetcar link from Downtown to Midtown Miami $ $351.168 6-42 MOBILITY OPTIONS Policies of Safer People, Safer Streets Initiative Added by MPO Resolution #69-16 Moved to Partially Funded by TOP Resolution #8-18 _______________________ ____________________________ ______